October 21, 2011

HOW? - Becoming a Successful Life Entrepreneur

Most of the leading and successful business entrepreneurs of this generation like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are always citing that it is very simple to be a winning entrepreneur in this rapidly growing market with limitless opportunities. But it might become really difficult for the new players in the business arena to remain simple if they cannot stick to a well planned strategy from the very beginning. It is more appropriate for the fresh graduates or students like you who are more interested in such career path as an entrepreneur rather than serve under someone else as an executive. With advance planning and assumptions you can actually become the person that you are admiring at the moment.

The first thing you should consider while planning to embark on such an endeavor is to analyze the current status of yourself.  It always wise look before leaping in to anything. So identification of the current state is really helpful while planning future. The current status that to be consider might include numerous areas such academic qualification, family background, professional exposure, interest or even the relationship with friends and other people. Next phase in the process is to identify your inherited talent which will work as tool to achieve the end goal. Everyone has some special talent among them and those who deny it, can always develop some talent through training and development. Once, the talent has been identifies, the next step is to identify your value in  life and align them with your status and talent to pursue your targets.

The next task for you now is to develop a long term plan for life, a mission that should clarify what you actually want achieve or become in life.  Without a mission, it might become really difficult for you to stick to a broad objective and get lost in the way. Therefore, you should be really careful while preparing you mission in life. Now that, you have an aim or mission in your life, all you need to do is determine the projects, small yet manageable proportion of the big picture of your life that you can complete one after one to achieve you dream. But you should always keep in mind that the projects should be relevant your mission in life so that you don’t waste important time and resources in your life. Another thing to keep in mind is to determine the roles you are going to play in these projects. You do have your weaknesses and you can’t alone do all the tasks. So you should identify the most important and critical roles that you must perform and the delegate the rest of the roles to others who can do it better than us.

Now that you have determine all these aspects, your next task will be to incorporate all of these and come up with a master plan for your projects which complement your strengths and minimize your problems. Attention to time is also crucial in this as the right move in the right time can bring astonishing outcome. Therefore you should be really careful about time and must not delay your projects in unnecessary area. The last step in this process is to sum all of them and kick start your life to achieve your aim to become a successful entrepreneur in life.