November 11, 2011

Get you Web store? Where to start?

As I mentioned in the previous post, it's not much difficult to run a webstore and start doing business.

Almost every kind of products can be sold on which is actually a very easy place to promote a product. You may say that the issue is in the web site itself as your product is compared instantly with others may be of better quality and less prices. This stills a classical way to promote (quality/price). BUT never forget that marketing today is very innovative and people are not just looking for a product but for an experience to get! (think about expensive Apple computers).

You still can consider ebay for your business or run your personal website for your business. And for this last one, you have to care about traffic getting into the website. And you have to spend little money on the Ads like Google AdWords or even Facebook.

Using freelancer as, or similar ones you will be able to find very skilled web developers who can help you build your website and graphic designers also, or also Ad gurus.

If you do all that in a correct manner, you should reach a bunch of people who are willing to buy your product and do the experience. But the question you may ask me right now, is WHAT DO IT SELL??

Oh great question, but I think that for me, it doesn't matter.. or let's say, it's up to you to find out, and next time I'll try to guide you how you can find the right product to buy.