February 01, 2012

Being your own Brand builder?

When lunching a business, you should not have enough money to spend on media, and Ads.. But still having your time, and your effort that can work on your side.. as much brands starts first from mouth-to-ear.. why not for you?

Your product will speak for itself.. but you too can do..

I learned much from the presentations gurus, and of course Steve Jobs.. That wouldn't be difficult, just go too Youtube and search for "steve jobs"..

What you should learn from him and others is focusing on:

Being popular, Being social
You reply to all emails, comments, requests and treat people as you're talking to your close friends. They will feel comfortable talking to you later, and if the conversation is public, that others may join if they found that you're welcoming them.

Being simple, reachable by everyone
Saying simple words, simple expressions will let everyone understand your message with less effort. And specially not annoying.
Check Fog Index, which is an index used to measure the complexity of a text.. you should get minimum index possible, and not exceed 10. (check this)

Show your ambition, and your passion
Do you feel OK to buy in a store where the guy inside is feeling asleep? bad lightening the area? not cleaning the floor? I don't think so.. And if you compare it to a place where the guy inside is smiling, showing you why you should buy something and making some demonstration to you?
That shows the ambition, so be Ambitious to attract people. We all are attracted by motivated persons.