November 19, 2011

7 steps to make your webstore a SUCCESS

I talked before about some critical points that you may think about and well plan to run a web store.

Now, you should consider those points in order to maximize sells:

1. Define the right target: today the mass media is almost dead, and thinking about selling to every body every where is not the smartest decision you're taking

2. Define your products: with precision, you have to define your products, options available and ones not. All that in clear web pages with all details included. Customer can be confused if there is something not clear or undefined. We all want to buy something that we can expect and get the right feeling and experience we want when we see the description, photos and details. And never forget to give a clear insight about delivery cost or if the case if it's included in the prices, that's important.

3. Clear website: you website should be clear and easy to navigate. For a better experience for the customers, all that matters. For a customer it's important to see at which step he is, is he still selecting, paying or giving his delivery details. All that matters.

4. Find the right domain name: It's for sure important to get the right domain name for your web store. And you should consider the country name .com .ca or else in the case you're focusing on a region, better get a local domain name. Also the place where the website is hosted can make a difference, if you're expecting that you'll focus on sales in Australia, that's not a always good idea to host your website in UK. better keep it local to get better performances.

5. Be social: Never forget the importance of social media. I would suggest to go for Facebook pages or Google+ pages where it's a good way to promote your website for free or with paying Ads. Social networks also can help you keep in touch with your fans and followers so you can easily promote promotions and new products.

6. Spread the Ads: Finally as your website is ready and all features are working, you can use AdWords for a payed Ads on Google. This could be a great way if you know how to use it. Many way are available to keep your cost low as focusing on precise area, and more than one key word. Because the word 'electronics' would be expensive Ad compared to 'electronics buy online'. All because AdWords is a bid system, so you have to be more focused to reduce the cost or your Ads.

7. Still in touch with your old customers: It's usually much important to keep an old customer and less expensive than to find a new one. So rather than looking for new customers all the time, focus more on the fidelity of already acquired ones.