November 19, 2011

Run your Web Store? Manage payments?

Today I consider this a very easy task to ware about!

Everyone is buying through Internet on eBay or Amazon. Why will not be the case for you too?

Most banks can offer merchant accounts and you can get payments through Visa or Mastercard or even more. BUT you have to think deeply about how much that it will cost for you. If the consumer pays 10$ for something, you'll love 1$ to 2$ only for banks fees! Think about it.

Did you ever tried eBay? Do you trust the payment method? I believe most of us DO! So if you do than probably other do to.. So it's nice to follow.


Savvy Marketers knows that the less chances you give to your customer, the less he is willing to spend time on taking the decision to BUY.

Is it weird? May be. But if you know that purchase decision is taken only few seconds, and if we have lot of work to do after making our last decision, usually we end by giving up and delaying more making the decision.

When there is less options, all is clear. If we want to buy we manage how to, even it needs that we create a PayPal account! (And eBay is fully integrated with PayPal)

WHAT I RECOMMEND is that you consider the case for PayPal or Moneybookers accounts. But only few small amount transactions. The reason is the fees that you have to pay! And for goods which are of 100$ and more, that could be better to focus on Visa, MC or other Credit/Debit cards because the fees will be of small amount that you're willing to neglect.

What I want to clarify is that actually we have so much option to use for the payments, but not all of them could fit in your case.. So think wisely before deciding what option to use.