November 15, 2011

Run your Web Store? How you deal with stock?

That's my favorite one!

As we all know about retailing business, is requires a good stock management while it should me a least to not delay on delivery, and at the same time, goods in a stock are catching money there as long as it stills. It's complex! But with simple model with few products in your offer, it would be easy to manage.

Another issue here is also how to manage INs and OUTs with all the delivery fees. this one requires a good position of the stock, and a flexible, cheep and quick delivery system.

More than that, don't forget damages in the stock, managing returns from unsatisfied customers, than returns to the manufacturer.

BRIEFLY, you as a fresh in business and with limited capital, you may find out a way how to avoid all that complex system, and never pay more that what requires, in other words, I mean that you want to pay if you SELL to keep your balance positive.

I was thinking about that, and you may do that from the basement of your home, and this will cost almost nothing to store with a limited capacity, and it stills working. BUT, how if you are living in a place where it's not easy to get access to delivery? or where it costs a lot?

NEVER WORRY! you still can outsource that! REALLY.. Yes!

If I tell you about delivery, you may think about DHL, UPS.. right? those are not similar to USPS which is related to EMS worldwide mail system standing for Express Mail Service. But the previous one are specialized in logistics which obviously means managing warehouses and adding the classical delivery services.

To sum up all that, if you run your web store, you can instantly deliver worldwide only with outsourcing the logistics tasks. Of course that will add the cost of your goods and services. But don't forget that you're running all that with reducing the most complex part of retailing.

I recommend this one too (warehouse and virtual mail services):