November 23, 2011

How to be effective with Facebook Ads

Facebook actually is the most visited website, and almost everyone is in and for long hours. So that's obvious that Ads there are very helpful. So let me give you a brief about how to use FB Ads to promote your website or Facebook Page.
Bellow on the Facebook page you'll find the link to advertising, which guides you to the list of all your current and previous campaigns.

Now you'll create your Ad and you'll be invited to mention the following:
  • Destination which is the link you wanna ad, could be a page URL or even an external one, in the case to want to forward the clicks to your own page
  • Type can be a Facebook page or event, or you can make it personalized as the latest post on your page.
  • Bellow you can see all the details needed and also a preview that helps you get an exact overview.

Now the most important part in the Ads is the targeting, this should be the critical one in your whole campaign.
You'll need to mention:
  • The countries where you want your Ad to be shown. You have at least to chose one.
  • The age and the sex which depends on the content you have. This will help you make your audience the smallest possible.
  • All the following will be good to make your Ad targeting a precise audience
The less audience you'll have the less your Ad will cost, just remember this
Many will think that getting a bigger audience is good, but that usually not True unless the content you have will interest all kind of people. And this is rarely the case.
Now, it's time to talk Money:
  • Budget, which you can manage as a whole life time of the campaign or per day limit. This can help you get a close vision of your money spending.
  • Schedule will help you focus on dates if you have an Ad about a special event, like Christmas shopping, which is not interesting showing it after Christmas Eve.
  • Than, The pricing which could be by Click, or by 1000 impressions. The first will charge you if a user clicks on the link and the second will charge you once your Ad is shown 1000 times on any of your audience pages.
CPM and CPC are not so different as their costs are usually calculated to make a click cost close to 1000 impression.
But, I believe it could be used in your advantage if:
  • You are sure that your logo and message are enough attractive, so you use the CPM rating.
  • If not the case, better to go through CPC.
  • If you're not sure that both can be OK for you.
To make the best choice, I would recommend you to use both, within two campaigns with the same message. And you compare the results after one week.
keep an eye on the up right of the page where your audience criteria are shown. And the total audience too.
It's usually recommended to create more than one campaign, up to 5 or 6 while trying to change:
  • Picture on the Ad
  • Message in the Ad
  • Target audience
  • Budget and Bid
Now, you can order your Ad, and wait for a while until it will be running.
Than you can follow all the campaign advancement:
  • The impressions on the target pages
  • The Reach which is the number of individuals who get your Ad (many be more than once)
  • Clicks on your Ad
  • And more details in a form of graphs
I hope that you enjoyed this, I wish I'll give more advice so you will make your campaign very successful.