November 27, 2011

Want to be a self-employed?

There is a great difference between people who work for themselves and those who works for someone else.  Both of these situations have advantages and disadvantages and in this article, a comparison will be made between the two scenarios.

The first thing is that people who run their own business depends financially on the success of the business. i.e. their income depends on the success of the business while those who work for an employer have a secure income as long as they are not laid off from the job.

Secondly, the working hours of people who are working for themselves is not strict.  They are free to work at anytime they choose and can also choose to go on holiday whenever they feel like it.  This is not the case with those who works for employers.  They have a specific time to report at the work place and a specific time to close on a daily basis.

Thirdly, people who work for themselves are satisfied. It is very rare to find someone who works for an employer and is not complaining about one problem or the other.  It is either the employer is underpaying them or the working condition is not favorable.