December 09, 2011

Do we should Trust Google?

After the lunch of huge concentrations of Data as Google, Facebook or Twitter. All those are becoming huge center that may know about you more than you best friends. And with some analysis, they may know about you even more than yourself.

Google with the lunch of Google+ and Chrome browser stills the biggest data concentration in the world.

So we may start thinking about how it will use this so powerful tool, Data about us?

Who is afraid
Sometimes we are paranoid more than ever, so we start to think about Big Brother, and how Google will lead the world in the way he wants. Those I'm not talking about, but talking about serious persons who is saying that all that data is money, and Google may sell those data for billion of dollars to marketers.

Also,Governments are very active and usually want to know as much as possible about people. And they can force in some ways and situations Google to give access to that immense mine. This can be a serious problem.

Another issue is security, and no one in the world is 100 percent secure, so is your data. We saw the Mark Zuckerberg personal pictures published after a vulnerability in Facebook privacy settings.

Who thinks that it's not big problem
We are giving Google our records, and they are tracking almost all our move with laptops and now Android  phones. But don't you see that is the most expensive place in the whole Web? And google is not even using it for Ads.

Also Google proofed that it's not as any kind of business, and long term relation is the key. So, securing the data collected from users is the key of success of Google, and if lost, no one will trust Google and it will fall.

Personally this what keeps me using Google products without much thinking and being afraid.

Who don't care
There still some Internet users who don't care, and don't even think about the risk. And if you are one of those, you may even ignore this article.

And I think that this kind of people are whom we should be afraid of because of their ignorance of that risk which almost all believe that it exists. -even if we think that it's not big problem- but we should ask the question!

So? how about you?