December 08, 2011

7 Softwares tools that you may need in your business

Your start-up business needs powerful tools, at the same time you want you are so limited in the budget.

So here is some great free tools or at very low prices:

1. Google Apps
My favorite applications when I'm looking for something free and most of the time with basic features.
With new interface upgrades of all Google Apps, many are being very interesting, also this would be your first step to the cloud computing. If you are asking how this will looks like? Just see how Google Docs are, you will understand.
Now, Google Apps is offering great tools with mail, calender, Docs (text editing, tables, presentations..), translator.. and more. The best thing is that all are connected together. And you can share between co-workers without even getting a server.
You can also use Google to host your business domain mail, and getting all Apps linked to it at a low cost.

2. BOX
This is growling fast. basically it was just a kind of document hosting. And it getting new features where you can sync your documents with local computer, phones and manage sharing.
Actually BOX is boosting the usage in a corporate for their services. So keep an eye on it, you can find your way with.

3. Insync
Great tool that sync all your documents on Google Docs right on your computer.
This works great, you can see updates almost in real time when you work on your documents online.

4. TeamViewer
It's a great tool that you can you to remotely access a computer where already installed.
Even iPhone or Android versions are available, so you can use your phone or touch pad where you're out to log in your computer/

5. SugarCRM
An open source CRM solution.
If you're providing customer support so you should probably think about a CRM. And if you're so limited financially than nothing is better than a great working open source.

6. Prezi
Great tool to make presentations.
It's very creative tool to make presentations, and download them to be run on your computer with Flash.
Great animations, and motions that you can use.
For free you can do that but you have to keep all your presentations public.

7. Zoho
Complete suite that included meetings online management, files management and mail hosting. And you can find much more.