December 27, 2011

Use Social Networks effectively

We hear more and more about social media and networking. And for many business owners specially start-ups, this is a non-expensive way and also a very effective to expand and do business.

'Social Media' is a name that don't agree with as it may be more than a media! It's a complete life style, a Way of living!

Any definition to use, the Social Media Networks are actually having a very great impact on everyone's life. And for sure, businesses are using this tools to reach a maximum of customers' niches. And if you are thinking about running a business, I bet that you're including in consideration going online.

Few years ago, it was about getting a domain name and being present there. Now without even thinking about a domain, you'll think about a Facebook page or a twitter account. Actually Logos are so important as names, sometime more.


What's great, is that all the social media is almost free. You can advertise something, talk about your product for free (email and web are too, but it's comparing to the old TV and Magazines media). So small business and big ones are at the same level. You can compete with a billion dollar company even if you are working from your mom garage using your brothers laptop!

This is opening a new dimensions of marketing and positioning on almost every market.


I said that the Ads and reaching the customers is not expensive and in some cases free. But, remember! if you were able to reach people easily than other will be able to do the same. The competition is getting bigger.

This is the challenge of Social Media and mastering it is key to the success of your business using those tools.

Social science specialist are using their tools and all what they read years ago, and no one was interested in. And they are putting all that in an applied form on Social Networks.

Take a look at Klout. Actually I find it a great tool that you can use to see more in depth how you are using social networks. If you are a person or a business, it will help you see your social impact with Internet.

It's not the only tools that you can find but getting there will give you a very good ideas about how to deal with social media that most people new know about.


It's a tool that analyse your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more social networks accounts and calculates based on your public activity:

The reach
It based on the people are getting your post. People included are from your direct network and the network of others who are broadcasting your post. This will calculate the number of people who sees your post even if he is in your network.

It's how much your post is impacting people so they broadcast it. If someone do that means as both you are doing that your are doubling the effort. And the same if others are sharing. So the more people are sharing your post the most it's amplified.

Is the effect that you are making by your posts. You have more impact if people are reacting more to your post, commenting, sharing or doing something.

As you can see, the number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers can help but it's not a target itself. So, after seeing your profile and how you are affecting your networking you can see if you need to make a higher quality posts, seeking more followers or focus more on a segment of people.

Klout also offers a way to see on what topics you're more likely to influence on others. So use this wisely in order to focus on your business related topics.

Social Media Network is opening great doors to everybody, so, stay focusing to not loose control. And excel in something would help better than getting few from everything.