December 17, 2011

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

I want to talk today about something recently is becoming not limited to executives and very busy guys. PERSONAL ASSISTANT, in a virtual way.

You may or may never imagined that you'll need somebody to help you, if you have the habit to work, mean that you are a technician in your field and you are working in an already established company, you are used to do things by yourself, or let it to the one who is supposed to do.

In the case of your personal life or entrepreneur business life, things are different, because you are the one who tells what to do and who will do it. In the simple case, You Will Do It.


That's not so far as you may imagine. Not so expensive. And saves many time and stress.

NOW, you can hire a personal assistant for long time contract or per task. Thanks to the low outsourcing in India and the whole region.

You can know get help from someone starting from $1 per day! Yes that's true. Sure that it will depends on the tasks you're requesting, the skills required and the quality that you want. Starting from filling out forms, checking and classifying email to do business plans and project management.

If you want to check all that, you can see on Freelancer (picture bellow) where you can do both, working for others or hiring someone. Where now we are focusing on hiring. You can see on the first page all the skills list that you can get.

Freelance Jobs

This website and some others similar are peer-to-peer linking which means that you'll ask for a freelancer, than you'll get replies and you chose the best one where you are responsible for the decision. (you have some tools as feedback from previous recruiters or some test scores that will help you see if the guy is able to help you really).

Others are a business that provides VA or other kind of help as BrickWork India OR Your Man In India which attributes to you a person to do the task. The good thing that you have the guarantee of the company, and if you're not satisfied with one VA they will find you another, or in case of someone is sick, they will find you one.


Sometimes you see that you have to do just the time you have, so no need for anybody that you pay!

But take a look, you are payed $20 per hour in your job and you have to book for a restaurant, check emails, make a reservation for your holidays.. and more. So why not hiring someone who can do that for you at $5 or less??

You'll save few time, and it depends on your vision of life.. You may see that you are saving $15 per hour while you'll not doing boring things! but you're hanging out with your friends, or having ice cream with you child?!