December 08, 2011

How much you should know to make the Move?

You want to be an Entrepreneur?

You dreamed all your life about being a Business owner?

You are learning all what relates to business and start-up, this post included.


Do you know enough to go for a trial?

Many people never run a business not because they don't want, but because they think that it's not a suitable time Right Now!

Did you ever said that you'll get some more experience, than running your own business? Statistically, you'll probably never gonna do that! Unless, may be get FIRED?! Because you'll never get enough experience, always there is something to learn, someone to learn from..

Most successful entrepreneurs never worked at any company before, or get fired. Why?!

Working and Learning from big corporation may help, but ignoring about how business is doing will let you think in a wide space, and force you to innovate your own way!

Don't be confused, what I said in my last post was about copying and you may say how I'm talking about doing things from scratch?!

Both are good in someways.

Because innovating will never guarantee that you'll be in the right way. And copying will not let you special.

Innovating is not about doing all from the beginning but about introducing innovating into something already done.

The world now is in a very developed situation and it's never gonna be easy to innovate and succeed unless you're very specialized.

Back to knowledge..

So what I should say that, if you're thinking about business, and you have some experience at any kind of business, that should be enough. Use your experience you have and start dreaming.

Dreams is the engine of all the innovations, and learning will come by time.