December 07, 2011

What's the next move for starter Entrepreneur?

If you are just making the first move, you may have a lot of ideas in mind, many ambitions and dreams that you want to realize as soon as you'll get chance.

If it's your first time doing that, doing your stuff, running your business. You may worked in many companies before, or may be only one. And now you want your own One. You worked with others, now you're alone.


Where to start?

I can imagine, that if you worked for few companies before, than you're thinking to copy one of the tricks, some procedures, or may be copying templates of invoices, presentations and so on.

The thing that you are not starting for the ground. And don't care, everything starts with some Copy! Even Japan And South Korea did a lot of copy before doing their owns.

Copy others will save you much time, so don't be afraid of doing that, but be careful to not do illegal copy! That would returns you to the ground and it will be much difficult to start over.

Now, you may be imagining how your business will look like..

Copy the colors of McDo, the menu of Quick and something else from someone else.

All that still mind modeling you are doing, and you have to start..

You need execution, how you can make the move?

Doing things is much harder than making it in a plan, or imagining it. Because doing something requires the question, WHO?
And that may be you, or someone else.

There is few scenarios to think about:

1. First step is usually doing things by your own
This should be the case if you are starting a new business with a minimum budget. You don't have choice, your time is the only wealth you have.

2. You have much to do, and you need more time?
At this time, you'll understand that you are probably in the right way. You are generating work, and all your time is full. You time costs you money at the moment. You are doing extra hours, sleeping late, waking up early. Now, you need more time. So getting time of others is the solution. You have to hire someone!

3. You hired people, they are doing the job. What else?
At this time most of businesses stops. And this is the major error that keeps the life of the business short, Very Short sometimes.
At this point you are running your business as a machine. You ask someone to do something and he will do it. So, what will happen if you don't ask him? May be he will do, may be not!

A running business can be shown on a diagram. What ever the diagram is. They should be one. And it works!

But the business is called so only if by his own is able to continue living.

Take a look at your own diagram if you have one..

Now, define all the elements in.

If your business revenue is $X per month and you want to multiply by 10..
Than be sure that each element in your diagram can be too.

If you are the commander in your business and you have to orient everything, than you are an Element in the diagram.


To learn more about what I'm talking about, you may read this book: