February 04, 2012

How you can realize the impossible?

Never wonder how special people can realize things that other can even not believe in it until seeing thing realizing.

So what make special people thinking about an idea, believe in it than doing it?

Don't follow the standard
It usually happen to intelligent and brilliant people who doesn't have experience in something, or not much experience. So those kind of people, when imagining a solution to problem, they start by innovating not by using conventional methods.

Be convinced by your idea
If you are a guy who will do never admit that he's wrong, that will not be the solution all the time. Be convinced don't mean that you will continue doing wrong things. But changing mind easily if it shows clearly wrong. And believing in what you think actually true.
It's not easy to explain, just keep in mind, that fundamental points are not easy to change and should be convinced in. And technics you use to get in your goal are changeable and very adaptable.

Think big
With the same analogy, you have to get two insights. One for life mission and the other as short time target.
Your life mission should be BIG, really BIG if you want to make it happen.. And here you have to REALLY believe in it.. Than doing it in steps, imagine that you're reading a success story about someone who did something similar to your mission. And imagine that you're in the story!! Is it possible?? In your mind, it should be.