February 05, 2012

IT is the engine of your startup

What role the IT is using in today businesses? We agree that it's very important reducing costs, saving time and more..

But what's the case for startups where money to invest on IT is limited? No time organize the IT?

Startup is a business with few people working usually at the same place, everything is shared manually, woking around the same table.. so few computers is all your IT.

But think closer, startup guys need sometimes to be working else, having different work hours frame, than you better think about automatize  you work and keep it in a well-share.

I talked before about tools that you can use like Google Apps, BOX, Dropbox, Apptivo.. and many more. And depending on your nature of business, you may need one or more of those, with a really reduced costs and sometimes for free.

Google Apps
How if you work with Google Apps? It's $50 per year per account.. and it will enables you to work in the cloud, work everywhere and never loose a document or a meeting (Google Calender with notification by SMS). What's very important too, is that your computers needed will be cheaper are no powerful devices are needed.

Apptivo is a suit that I compare to an ERP for small businesses. You're very flexible, so this tool will help you much for free (some options a not free which requires tiers-part). And even if there is some special option that it's not supported.. Don't forget, you're flexible, and you can adopt a procedure of work easily..

Remote team members
I already read on a book called ReWork.. a team working in a startup where member are not in the same state, sometime not in the same country or a continent. How that could be possible without IT systems??

remove all obstacles for you to be flexible, and enable all your potential with an effective IT system..
But don't keep the IT leading you.. inverse it, you should lead it to help yourself.. Heavy IT procedures are the enemy of flexibility and innovation.. NEVER FORGET THAT