February 06, 2012

Tips to improve your innovation process

You think that you have good ideas? Really good ones? BUT you can never see them realize?!!

That's because we all have ideas all the time, and the difference is not there, but innovators have ideas as other BUT the difference that they believe in what they are having in mind.. SO before reading the rest of this post, be sure to believe in your ideas..

You ever meet with friends, talked about something great, like an idea how this restaurant or coffee shop should do, and you're saying that your idea will boost the owner's business.. you go home and you forget about the idea.. BUT great entrepreneurs will keep thinking about it, and if it's worth doing, he'll do it..

And it will not be your idea too!!

Because thinking correctly about new ideas should be split into two phases for better results:

1. Brain storming
At this point, just keep listing your ideas, and be imaginative.. Think about yourself being in a perfect world of your imagination. There is no limit to your thinking.
This way you'll enable the right side of your mind, and it will go full speed. And you'll enjoy all the pleasure of living in a fictive world.

See this to know more about the two sides of the brain Right vs Right Brain

2. Filtering
You made a story, a list of good ideas, really brilliant and sometimes foolish ideas..
Now it's time to filter, and see what's of your ideas are realistic and which is not.. which of them will present a potential project for you.
At this time, you'll use your left brain to think logically and measure the possibility that your idea can be done in your environment.

Separate the two steps, because the brain will focus on one of the two sides at the time, so criticize and ideas while brainstorming will enable your left mind and will interrupt the brainstorming process.