February 22, 2012

Is it time to break all limits?

We still hearing and reading about breaking the limits and the rules in the corporate world and changing the way we used to live with few years ago.

We are talking about working from home, reducing working hours, removing Internet filtering at office's Internet access. And all that seems to be very successful and increasing the productivity.

So is it really.. LESS IS MORE?

I Thinks yes.. Absolutely

We human are like this, we don't like to be forced to do something, unless we are really motivated into.. so.. Success is a motivator, but not long work hours.. Success is motivator, but not being at the office.. Success is motivator, but not rules.

How are you feeling when doing your job?

Do you think that you have to do it because your boss asked that? Because you have to follow orders of your boss? Because you have to keep your job?

How if you are your own boss? Will you do the same thing? the same tasks? within the same time interval? with the same quality? In the same mood?

Human is like a machine using emotion as fuel. If your emotions are intense, and you are feeling happy about something, you can work hard and long hours without feeling tired. So motivation is the key of keeping you happy, emotively connected.. And READY TO BE EFFECTIVE.

1. If you are a boss, never let your employees getting emotively disconnected. Keep them happy to get the best of them.

2. If you are employed, keep focused on your satisfaction even if this mean changing jobs, position, fields or may be leaving all together and do your own job/boss.