March 09, 2012

Set your goals high

What's you ultimate goal in life?
How you can see yourself at 70 years old?

What you think of this now, will definitely play a role in your achievement many years from now, and the matter is not how much you're thinking of yourself or how big, but how strong your believes are in yourself and destiny.

What you think of a this situation?

If a new employee in a big company telling his co-workers that one day he will be an executive in this same company. I guess they will say "you have much to learn dud!!"
Imagine now the same thing but now the guy is talking to the CEO of the company. Guess what would be the reply of the CEO? For me I imagine that he will encourage him, give him advice and probably be impressed by the ambition in this little guy.

Now, the moral of the story??

New think that your ideas are bigger than you, because while small persons will laugh at you, big ones will that you'll be one if you believe in.

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