March 19, 2012

Are you keeping the manager position in your startup?

Startups needs Entrepreneurial spirit and imagination, something that we miss usually in big corporate environment.

Now, how if your startup passes the startup phase and things are going just find, you're hiring more people, getting new customers, suppliers are coming to your door. At this time you may feel that you're OK. Your entrepreneur task is over (waiting may be for future moves) and now you need more a manager to keep things turning around.


Wear the Manager hat

This may be the most obvious choice as you cannot think you're giving away wait you built by your own (or with your own team). Probably you're the kind of guy who knows more about the secrets of your business.

Check out the E-Myth Revisited book, and you'll see it clear that Michael E. Gerber encourage you to build your own system. Put in a model that all the business will work on. This requires a continuous work and improvement, but it will guarantee that you'll keep enjoying your business without depending on it.

This way you will be the master of your business and the trigger of your success, that's not what you run a business for?!

At one time, you may feel limited with your capacity and your ability to do things by your own.

Bring external Manager who already proved skills

The second option, is the corporate way thinking. Don't know how to do it, hire someone. Don't learn accounting, hire an accountant!

Richard Branson, one of the well know and the most successful entrepreneurs. Said one time (I guess it was on the Entrepreneur Mag) that when building Virgin, He said that at one time he found that he will not make a good manager, so he found out a good one and hire it.

Pretty easy solution to put all the commands on somebodies hands, you trust him and his skills. But be sure that he will not do all the times things that you like and you agree on.

What to chose?

To chose one of the ways, first you have to know what you want really from your business? a small successful? or big with changing the world?
I guess you have the reply!