March 25, 2012

The cloud will reduce your stress

That seems that more we acquire technology, more we become stressful and busy.

This time things seems to be different, I tried it and I feel less stressful, and in constant peace.

Move my data to the cloud, what ever it is, Google Chrome Sync, Google Docs, Dropbox,, 4Shared.. and there is more while Google, Apple, HP and Microsoft want all focus on the cloud.


If you ever read the book GTD, you'll directly understand the relation between Syncing your data and keep it in the cloud and reducing the stress.

In fact, the stress comes from a fear or losing control. And if you are working with a non reliable technology as if you're keeping your critical data in your laptop, where you are afraid if you HD crashes??! or lose your smartphone with all your contacts??!

Actually you know that where ever you are and no matter the device you are using, your data is there somewhere waiting for you.

Or waiting for some other hacker guy?

That's another point that I don't want to focus on right now. But in most cases, which is also for me, even if my data is personal, but i don't care if I put in at somebodies server where there is a minimum trust.