April 05, 2012

Cloud .. stands for Cloud-Computing

When I talked about cloud-computing and how that can reduces the stress! some comments were talking about clouds in the sky and how that's relaxing.. pretty strange because they directly refer to relaxing in the nature lol

In fact what I'm talking about is a computing-cloud, and it's relatively new term which is customer focused.

A cloud because the users will not care what there is inside.

Did you ever asked where is inside Google Docs? Google search? or other web applications?
Actually that's not really mature cloud-technologies, but that helps to understand.


For customers
It's a services that is provided as the customer will not care where it is running, where it is stored, and how it can works. All what matters is that the data and program are there somewhere available when needed, everywhere and all the time.

For IT guys and Gurus
It's all technologies that will run applications in a centralized way and offer access to the service.
The cloud will include all security and availability tools as firewalls, redundancy and backup.

YOU can find more details on the net if you are interested in deep explanation:
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