April 28, 2012

Between yesterday and today !

Let me ask you something... Yes you!! Let me ask you a question and you're not obliged to answer me! Just try to be honest with yourself!!

Okay well...  When you was young, all those ideas that have you had!! What have you always wanted to do?! Just try to remember all that believing that you had when you was young. Yeah well, why do you think that all that spirit we had when we were young is fading away now?! Why do you think you let it go all of that dreams that you used to have?! All what have you wanted to do? All what have you wanted to achieve? Every single thing you had in your little imaginary world?! Why is that?!

I'm gonna try to answer that in my viewpoint! Well I believe that we all have changed somehow, and for a reason or another we have choosen the wrong way!! All that spirit that we had is fading away because we stopped believing in ourselves! Because we choosed to listen to people and let the sciety take the control of part of our lives! Because even if we like it or not, the society has taghut us a new word, this word is " Impossible " . And I don't remember that that word used to exist when we were young did it?! So we have chosen that way to live our lives that society gave it to us...

But hey wait! In a way of another. There are people everywhere that have learnt that nomatter how many up's and down's there life is taking! Never forgeting and never stop fighting for things that meant everything to them once is going to be the step that they have always looked for, and choosed it be lead them to happiness?! Success?! Creativity?!! Making dreams come true?! Whatever they have always wanted to do to make a different in this world.

Think of that.