May 06, 2012

Do managers have to be busy?

What a strange question!!

I really mean it, and the real question is:
"Should a manager deal with huge number of email? reading email during the night and during weekends and holiday??"
One day I get an answer from somebody: "Yes he does, that the price to pay to get a privilege to be Manager"

What the HELL!! Believe me that's true!!

What you think yourself about this? Is it necessary to be busy?

Let's sum up the thing

Why we have managers? I think that because we are so focused on our tasks to not have a clear vision on the whole system! so managers are here to have a larger vision and make the right decisions to lead the work of the team!

Do you agree?

If yes, than, I guess managers should have free time to think and to observe.. than make the right decision, because a busy manager will never bring a new to the team, but will deal of a day to day tasks

And that's against the target of having a manager.

What's the solution

I think the missing point here is that managers want to show that they are not lazy, they are always involved, they are in the action.. This why they keep control of the situation.

What if this manager will be sick and in hospital for 3 days? probably the whole business will stop, only if there is wireless access in the hospital .. Grrr

The solution is to delegate, not tasks only, but positions.. and give power of decision to others.