May 12, 2012

Coaching a coach! why it's the key

Few years ago, we get this new feeling to the need of being coached. Before, it was something called as advisory or expert consultancy. But now, it's not specific to CEOs and Executives. Everybody, a student, a mother, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a journalist, a scientific researcher.. and more.. all would need a coach in a way or another.

Actually, when reading this article:
5 Ways Coaches and Experts Can Hurt Your Business

The 4th points says that you have not to trust a coach that is not getting coached his own! which may mean that he is considering himself knowing everything. Or may be don't believe in coaching!!

Now the KEY is:

a coach getting coached not necessary in his master domain, a management coach can get coached in writing, social media even time management and thing he may need to achieve success.

Finally, the result is a connected world of people coaching and getting coached.

So open your mind.. Teach others and learn form them!