May 22, 2012

Capitalist or Socialist? What's your business style?

You are doing business or you want one..
How do you feel about it?
What's the reason behind?

Are you acting like Capitalist? or Socialist? [and don't confuse the socialist by the USSR or the communism]

Are you Capitalist?
Do you want to maximize the profit? Find the cheapest resources in the market? even outsource to overseas?
Do you want to get your employees work 12 hours a day weekend included? Don't pay them annual leaves?
Are you doing everything to get more money for your own? And fire the guy who want's a raise?

Or Are you Socialist?
You decide what's the best for the whole company, and the employees benefit?
Do you give loans to employees who are in difficulties?
You do offer them free days to feel comfortable and relax?
Do you care what employees feel about the company? And how they are attached to emotionally?


My arguments are making socialism kind of perfect while capitalism as an evil.. But I would like you to give me your arguments and point of view!

So, what's your model??

I think what I wanted to show and compare to the pure liberal capitalism in the business level is not to the socialism that we often hear about, but something like Democracy in the business! That would be different, and means that everyone would have his word to say and not considered as a slave!