June 18, 2012

If we just open our eyes

I'm pretty sure that everyone of us has his own life, his own story. Everyone uses his own words to create his own univers! And you all agree with me. I mean, everyone of us is chasing a dream, and everyone is fighting to make his own world a better place to live! And seriously, most of us are doing good with that.

But at the same time, in the same world, in the same life! A lot of people are suffering for so many different reasons! A lot of people are screaming asking for help! Maybe we can't hear them because the greed that has poisoned our souls! Maybe this age of speed made us think only about what can help ourselves! Maybe for a reason or another, we became so blind to see the real life around us!

We've became too selfish to care about those who really need help! Those who deservers to live a life like we're having! If we just open our eyes and wake our hearts to see the real wrold! Life will be changed!