June 19, 2012

We chose...

 Okay well, everyone of us has his own way to act in this life. How to talk, how to care, how to fight, how to live this life. And that's what makes us different and make us like to meet new people, new friends, meet new personalities.

 But at the same time. Everyone of us has his own reaction when he meets a new person. Unfortunately, we've arrived to time that we judge people by their look. judge people by the way they talk or the way they do things. We forgot the meaning of humanity. The meaning of love & care! We chose to hate and laugh at eachother. We chose to be selfish. And in the place of trying to be better friends, we chose to look for better friends!

 We forgot to give, by we wanted to take. We lost the way that our religion and our granparents have taught us to live our lives! This age has killed our hearts and made us slaves for our thoughts!

 But I believe, totally believe that it won't stay like that forever, because if it'll stay like that forever?! We're gonna be screwed.