June 20, 2012

Who are we?!

 Wherever you go in this life, you will find different kinds of people, so many different kinds of people actually! But, the right question that we are supposed to ask right now is, what kind of people are we?!

 I mean. Are we really the kind of people that we want?! Are we really the kind of people that we wanted to be when we were young?! ARE WE REALLY THE KIND OF PEOPLE that we are going to be proud of few years later?! Are we really the kind of people that history is going to say that we gave everything we have ever had to make the world a better place of living?!

 Are we that kind of people that try to share love, care, happiness, share their smiles, their hope, their humanity just to see better looks in the eyes of others?! Are we?!

 I mean why not for once at least, try to delete all that hate that we have in our hearts for people, why not for once, try to make all those ones who life didn't fair them to smile once again and make them realize that there's still hope and it'll always be! Why not for once, try to forget our gread and give more to others?!

 I believe that if everyone tries to do that at least once, the world will be better place of living!!