June 21, 2012


 Time is moving on and we are dealing with so many experiences that we are somehow obliged to experience! We all have faced up's and down's in this life and everyone has faced it with different kinds! And I believe that we are still going to face alot of them!

 And I don't know if these experiences were to strong then us oneday! Maybe they were a reason for making changes in our lives! Maybe these experiences gave us the ability to see life with a different way! To see people with different way maybe! Maybe because of experiences we've experienced we changed the way we see ourselves, and that's exactly what I want to talk about.

 Nomatter how hard situations we have lived, it is not going to matter because everyone in this world has faced like it before or maybe worst, what really matter and will matter for the rest of our lives is not how down we were, not how bad we felt, but how did we react!! What did we do!! What did choose to do and which step we are going to take! We just need to forget about the past, about what happend. We need to stop crying about things that will never come again, and even if it will, we need to realize that our reactions after anything that happend to our lives is the responsible for our future.