June 22, 2012

The needed step

 I believe in this life, no matter how things look amazing to us, no matter how many times we said that we are not obliged to work harder because we don't want a better life, no matter how perfect life seemed to us, no matter how perfect we seemed to ourselves! One day we are going to realize that we really have to work harder and smarter because really ... The road of happiness will never end.

 But. It will never end right. But as you are moving forward day after day, moving along this world to the unkown will give you the ability to see yourself and your life from different views. Maybe you will see yourself broken, maybe you will see yourself weak, maybe you will see yourself stupid and idiot, I don't know you may see yourself completely taking the wrong road, the wrong step maybe?!

 But you should never, NEVER let yourself think that you can't! Becarfull if someday yourself will tell you that "CHANGE" is impossible! That being better person is impossible! That Arriving to the perfectness is impossible! Maybe nobody cares! Maybe nobody gives a shit! Maybe nobody wants to listen to your story!

 So what?! I believe and you should believe with me, that this time, is time do do it for yourself! Not for anybody else! I believe that this time, is time to make the needed changes! Changes in the way you're living your life?! Changes in the way you're acting in any situations you face! Change that going to make differences in this world!