June 24, 2012

Want it?! Reach for it and grab it ;)

 When you hold on for a second to think about something...

  And after a while you realize that you really want that thing that you was thinking of to happens and comes true!! It doesn't matter what is it or what kind of things is!! But the important thing that you really want it to happen in your life! A success in study? Being the first in something? Winning a competition or make something come true...?

 Be sure that if you truely want it! You will do it!! If that thing will really make you feel better and happier and proud of yourself you really shouldn't let anyone take that from you! And never let anyone says that you can't even if your close friends are the ones whom think that you can't! If you think that it's going to make you feel better then GO FOR IT! REACH AND GRAB IT! MAKE YOUR DREAM COMES TRUE! It's all about you and what do you want to do with your life after all.

 So?! Ready to move on?