July 03, 2012

I want to see it, exactly like you do.

 I like it when everyone is happy, I want to see people helping eachother, I want to see life full of love, where people share their hope, their kindness, their happiness. I want to see people, fighting for what really matters. I want to see real brothers, realy friends, real lovers. I wanna see a different life.

 Maybe you are wondering why would I want stuff like that ?!! And how could I believe that this really, could happen?!!

 Okay well, if you just try to have a moment with yourself, just to think, honestly. After taking a deep breath, you will realize that this is truely, what do you all want in this life. This is what did we use to want time ago! This is what we were taught when we were young by our grandparents.

 But for a reason or another, we have all forgotten that, but why ?!

 This age of speed again, it made us slaves, it made us forget, forget what do we truely must remember. This age of speed has became the reason for forgetting all what we have learned, and it made us start caring about what does not matter, but... For how long?!!!