April 24, 2012

For how long?!

A lot of people in this world, and for a reason or another. They don't appreciate what do they do. It doesn't matter if it is about their jobs, or about stuff they do, talent they have, skill they get. For a reason or another, they see what they do as an insignificant thing, a thing that anybody can do it!!

They sometimes just  keep saying that what they are doing can't change a thing in this world! So they just hide their art! Their talent! And never show it to people...!

But seriously!! Do you think that in this world you can fight with this thinking of loosers?! I mean how far can you go in this life with this thinking?! For how long you will let your fear and shame control you?! For how long you will keep talking about how great other people are while you totally forgot yourself?!

Why you can't be one of them?! Successful life, dreams came true?! Helping in a way or another to change what it can be changed in this world?! For how long?!