April 23, 2012

Priorities in life

In this life... People want to achieve targets!! People want to succeed!! People want to make dreams come true!! People know exactly what do they truelly want!! And most of them just keep fighting to make their dreams come true!!

I've seen people, people making everything true! People making the right choice in their lives! The right step in the middle of all this mess! In the middle of all these distractions actually!!

But than I found something!! Something very important in making dreams come true and succeed in life! This thing is another secret in this life, and it's used by some people, and it is not by others! This thing is what we call " Priorities in life ". Believe me!! Having a list and respecting it is really... Another key of happier life!! It's just like making rules in your life, when you say that this is important and this is not. This deserves your time and this doesn't! You need to spend more time with this and not with that! These are not rules of society not rules of the school!! Your rules!! Rules of your life!! Giving everything in yourlife the part that it deserves!!

And the goal is one: " Making dreams come true ".