April 15, 2012

What if ?!

 Everyone of us is keep blaming the life he has!! About how bad place he is living in or about how dump people he has to deal with everyday...

I don't know but. For some reasons some of us are just too busy by talking about how bad people are!! For some reasons actually they think that by living their lives like that they are making the world a better place to live!

Let's be honest with eachother... We all were that kind of people once in our lives. Once we all couldn't stop making fun of people while we thought that we're better than them...

But seriously, are we?! Think with me about that... WHAT IF?!

What if every single man in this life no matter how successful he is, no matter how smart he is!! What if every single man in this life change the way he sees life and start changing for better?! Start changing himself, start realizing that his is not the way that life should be lived!

What if everyone start looking for ways to make himself better person! Better teacher?! Better student?! Better son?! Better father?! Better boss?! Better entrepreneur of life maybe?! Seriously, give it a while to think.

What about you? What can you be better?..