April 18, 2012

What mean for you doing Business??

Actually this is a question I'm asking..

Most of the time that seems obvious, very obvious.. FOR MONEY

But I think that if you think closer, you'll have a second reply like, don't wanna a Boss, Wanna freedom.. and may be few others.

This because the main reason to keep a business running, is money, profit and cash flow are both in relation with money. Without those, you'll die in business. But not if you're not free to decide or you're not doing perfect work.

So the real reasons are: to be rich, to feel free to decide, to realize a dream..

  • For the first, I'm tell you now, if you want to be rich, and this is your motivation, better go for gambling or play lottery! You have no future in the actual business world.
  • If you want to be free, think twice, you'll work twice as if you're working at other's businesses. Also you'll be responsible for your employees tasks.
  • Finally, if you are motivated by realizing a dream, make your ideas real.. Than, probably this will be the reason for you to run a real, successful business.. and you'll end up RICH!
The flow is working in the opposite sense than what most want.. Dream will lead to Money, not the opposite way!

So, what is you business motivator??