July 12, 2012


  For a longtime, something like future was always a mistery, it was something like, everyone wants to know about it, to know how's life is going to be ten, twenty years from now?! How's everything is going to be, and almost everyone was dreaming, for a better future, better way of living, after years from now.

 But, you, what do you think that future really means?! Is future really, something we get or something we make?! I mean, is it really by chance?! To have a better future or not I mean. Is it really, meant to us, to have a bad or good future?!

 Bill Gates said once : "If you are born poor it's not your fault. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake" , I believe that this makes everything in sence, I mean alot of people, are wondering right now how there lives is going to be years from now, while there are others, working for their future so hard, thinking, planning, learning!! So it is logical after all! Future it is not something we get. And chance has nothing to do with your future, and your life.

If you just take a second to see, all people around you, the most successful people in your family, or in the whole world, you'll see that they have spent their times dreaming, and than believing, planning, and than going after their dreams, and now, they're successfuls! They made this happen, they didn't wait for chance, they didn't wait for success to come to them, but they went to it!!

So, could this change anything in your life?! Think of it.