July 10, 2012

A self revolution and change

A self revoliton!! Another secret weapond inside everyone of us. We all do mistakes, and we all dream to be better person, but only few of us who has the ability to change. But, how's that?!

  Because change needs power from the inside, you can say to whoever you want that you're strong and anoybody in this world can believe you. But to change? Change your heart, change the way you live, change they who you are? You need to be really honest about how strong you are to make this step corerectly.

  That's why I want to call it a self revolution. Tired of being sad and alone?! Tired of being looser all the time?! Tired of being the second person in someone's life? Tired of how things work in your life ?! A self rebolution will lead you directly to a better life after few sacrifices...

 And because of this some people find it little bit hard. Because knowing with who you're ready to sacrifice and to be who after your sacrifices and changes need a very strong " Emotion's controling".

 But remember guys. It's all about being a better person isn't it? So it's worth it.