July 09, 2012

How to turn Defeat into Victory

 Onetime, you will lose, and propably, you are going to watch your whole castle of hope falling apart, you will find yourself losing between what you have wanted to do, what you are supposed to do, and what real life really gave you. In a shot way, onetime, You will find yourself just... Defeated!

 But the question that we are supposed to ask right now is: How can we face this kind of defeat and turn it into victory?! We can do that after all, can't we?! We just need a little believing in ourselves, but than what?!

 For a reason or another, for so many times, we found ourselves defeated, but guess what?! We are not the only ones, And try to guess again. Situations like these were the main reason that creat Heroes, Life's changers, World leaders, Most successful men on this earth!! This is the truth!! But, how could this happen?!

 It is easy, when we are defeated, our thinking takes another road, and automatically, it started to look for new ways to move on, but for a reason or another, we, we people, prefere to feel defeated. We prefere to keep blaming ourselves or the others in something that we will not matter. So, what have these "Most successful people on earth" done when they were defeated?!

 Well, they took a while on their owns, they tried to figure what went wrong, what are the main reasons that made them fail, and the most important thing, they chose what have they tought that could turn their defeat into victory, and believed in it, and moved on stronger!!

 Because after all, you are the only responsible about yourself and your future, so do what's the best for you.