July 08, 2012

Don't second guess

  We all have lived this moments before... And I believe that we all had that feeling before...

 When you just cannot know which road from all of these is the right one to us, for a happier life. I mean, which road from all of these can lead us to a happier life?! Sometimes, we life seems to us so confusing and things become unclear, and then, we'll be totally lost.

  But I believe! I totally believe, that if we think that there's a shine, a small shine of happiness in one of those roads, we should take that road right away!!! No second guess!! No wait!! If we truely believe that it will lead us to a happier life then believe in it and take it!! Go for it!! Never look back!! This step right now is going to be the key of another steps!! And those steps are going to be the keys of anothers

 Don't wait to have a full plan!! Move forward whenever you believe in a step!! And make sure that it will lead you to what do you want!