July 06, 2012

The principale of the next mile

 For a longtime, I've been noticing people, people having dreams, and work hard to make them true in this life. I've seen people want to reach the top, I've seen people want to travel the world. And even if their dreams or their goals are not that huge... I've seen people want to stop smoking? Or even want to finish a job or they have to do something. But for a reason or another, They always fail, even in the smallest things!

 But why is that?! Don't they have the courage?! Are not they strong enough?! Don't they have enough believing in theirselves?! It might be!!! But!! There's a reason that made alot of people fail, and most people don't know it yet, or don't believe that it could be true!! But believe me... It is...

 This reason is, that most of us think that we can do a huge change in one decision! Most people don't respect The-Step-By-Step philosophy.

 Think of it and tell me how many time you gave up because you wanted to everything at once but you couldn't?! Well, I gave up alot, and that made me watching alot of my dreams fading away.

 So, What are we suppose to do now?!

 I think, we should just respect the principale of the next mile, Take it easy, make a plan for your next mile, and then another of the second mile, and by time, you will notice that you have walked hunderds of miles. And believe me, it works, for anything you would like to do or to be in this life.