July 05, 2012

Shame on us, Right?!!

Every successful man now, had dreams, had goals, and they totally believed that they are going to make it. They had a reason to live, a reason to fight, a reason to never give up. Those are the most successful people on this planet, and guess what?!

 I'm totally not surprised that there is still almost none of us one of them yet, while the world is moving on so fast, we are totally out of the race, but why?! Why are we still, totally out of the race like that?! Why?!

 Okay well, our porblem is simple, we fight the one who wants to make a change in this world, we fight the one who believes, the one who has dreams, the one who sets his goals high. We fight people who has the talent, we laugh at people who are trying hard, and in another way, we like to see poeple lose, we want to see them too lazy to chase their dreams, we fight them to make them stop belieing, we humiliate those who wants to have a better future, THOSE WHO WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

 This is the truth, and this is how we are dealing with those who really, have the ability to make this world a better place of living, this is what makes us really, totally out of the race. Shame on us, don't you think?!

 So, I don't think it is that hard to get it, we are making ourselves look like idiot if we see it in that way, I wonder, to when it will last ?!