August 07, 2012

Alright, I blame you!

I've heared about people, wasted their lives, while they really, were able, to change this world. Everyone is able to change this world actually, but for a reason or another, our dirty society always, convinces them, that it is too big, too big to achieve, too big to make it real, too big to make the change.

 So, we'll feel defeated, and we choose that to be a reason for us, to do something else. And because we didn't believe in ourselves from the beginning, everything well seem impossible to us. Everything will seem "Too big to achieve" to us. And of course, like everyone does, we'll just start blaming situations, people, chances, society and so on...

 But, who's the responsible about this mess?! What is happening to our generation exactly?!

 The answer is, you! You're the first responsible. But... For how long?! For how long you are going to let your dreams fade away?! For how long, you are going to keep your heart dead like that?! Are you really, able to keep yourself blind like that?!

 One day, you will wake up, and one day, you are going to realize, that you really had the ability, to make this world a better place for living, I just hope, that it won't be too late.


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