August 15, 2012

The two sides of us!

There will be a time, when you just feel, that there is a big fight, a big fight is happening inside of yourselves, between the two sides that everyone in this world have them, you will be just lost, between what do you really want to do, and what do the world, wants you to do, and even more, you will be wondering, why are you doing that after all?! What is the reason of being here after all?!

 The two sides of you, will start giving you advices, exactly when you feel lost, or when you feel that you need advices, alot of thoughts will come to your mind, and for a moment, everything will seem to weird to do actually, you will feel that you don't like anyone in this life, and maybe, you will just, hate the life that you are living in.

 This is happening (or used to happen) for almost everybody. Exactly when you want to give up, or when you don't want to move forward anymore. Exactly, when don't want to live the rest of your life.

 But, inside everyone of us, there's a little shine that come from our hearts, that little shine, maybe will be too insignificant to see from us, when the bad side of us is controling us, and that makes us waste a lot of time, and lose, alot of people.

 What I want to say that, No matter how good person you are, or how white your heart is, one time, the dark side of your heart will try to contorl you, and sometimes he does, and we just, should be stronger enough, to take him down, and see all the love between us.


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