August 16, 2012

Only then, World will see more creativity

 Everyone of us, has lived this experience before, those moments.. When you get this feeling. When ideas like you have never seen before, come to your mind. And in a weird way, everything in your life will seem to easy to control, to easy to direct, and you will just, be able to see clearly, what are you really, able to give up on, just to make another things true!

 People call moments like these: Inspiring moments, when for a reason or another, you see yoursellf and your life like you have never done before. Everyone has his own way to express himself while living moments like these, people write, sing, paint, everyone express his own life like he has never done before.

 Those moments, are the responsibles for showing people things like world never seen before. Something like creativity and art, will be the result of moments like these. All great stuff that we are seeing now, are the results from a very deep inspiring moments, that what happend I believe that every successful man in this world, Steve jobs, Bill gates?! I believe that while they were living those moments, they could see, what is needed in this world, and they went for it, and make it true. For every artist and every man who has shown the world different things, different ideas?! All those books and songs that have been written?! They are the result of alot of an inspiring of things I believe.

 So, what about us?! Can we really, get inspired, and make a change in this world?!

 Well, Yes I believe, we have just to put ourselves in places. Where we can see new things, talk to new people, and having a moment with a different personalities. That will help us to get inspired, and than we just need to express it by the way we like to do, only than. World, will see more art, and more creativity :)


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