August 17, 2012

Then, only then, You win.

 Gandhi said once: " First, they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Than they fight you. Than you win. "

 I believe, that when Gandhi said that, he had a point. He wanted to explain to us, a very deep and big idea, in just few words.

 I don't know why, but for a longtime, these few words, gave me the needed strength, to fight more. The needed strength to believe more in what I thought that could help in changing this world.

 It explains, how people, when they see how much you truely trust your ideas, and how much you truely are ready to sacrifice to make your dreams come true, they will ignore you, nobody will listen to you, you will feel like nobody wants to be on your side to push you up. You can give up, but you can move on, if you want to move on, they will just, start laughing at you, they will talk in front of everyone, about how silly you are, because you just believe, in what they don't.

 And again, it'll be up to you, do you want to give up?! Or you just want to move on?!

 If you want to move on, they will realize, how serious you are, and they will fight you, you will feel like, everyone is against you!! But, if you are strong enough to keep moving on no matter what, then, only then, You win.


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