August 18, 2012

In the middle of castle full of hope and dreams

Once, I had a dream, and I thought that it enough, but it was not. Then, I had plans. I thought it was enough, but it was not either. And again, I had believing, and I thought once again that it was enough, but it was not.

 There was always, something missing. I don't know but. Always, I feel like things are not enough, but then, I could see very clearly, what was missing. The missing thing that was and still totally able, to change your life whenever you want.

 That missing thing is the action. Sometimes, we just have exactly the perfect idea, the right plan to blow this world. But, we just, don't go for it. Even if we know, that that plan it going to work. We're not different from eachother after all, because most of us, try to find reasons just to stop moving forwards, just to give up, We convince ourselves that we're not good enough!! We're just, stupid enough to not make dreams true!

 This is a true story, no offence but. Believe me or not, those who does not have this missing thing. They're exactly, who're going to change this world one day.


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