August 21, 2012

People should believe

  People should believe, that by time is moving on, everyone is getting better, day after day. How everyone is living his life?! How everyone is learning, from experiences? situations? up's and down's? Everyone, is dealing with alot of things everyday, things that somehow, really has the ability to make him a better person.

 But now. Alot of people maybe. Maybe they just, couldn't be exactly, the persons that they wanted to be years ago! Even if they screwed in so many things, or made alot of things go wrong. Even if they are not proud of theirselves at all.

 But people should believe, that now, now is time when you should believe that you have learned enough, and you are now wise enough, just to take better decisions, and change what u still can change? And keep moving on.

And remember, it is always, about what you truely believe in...


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