August 22, 2012

A strange feeling

 In a way like you have never seen before, you feel like you are going in a fight, between you and yourself, in a fight, that is responsible for almost everything. You just get a feeling, that tries to show you what you couldn't see for a longtime, it tries to show you the real meaning of life, the real meaning of hope, the real meaning of chasing dreams. It just tries to wake you up, to see life from another view.

 In a few words, it tries to make you remember, what once meant everything to you. Or just, what are you really able to do, just to make things true. It's like, for a moment, you feel like, your plans, or your believing, or your ability, are not enough, or maybe you just need to be stronger.

 In another way, this feeling, shows you how many things have you done wrong in your life, how many people have your hurt, and how many dreams have you just, let them go away. In most of cases, this feeling just tries to call for a change, for all those people who love you and care about you. For all those things that deserve living for. For all those dreams that deserve fighting for.

 This feeling will not take a longtime, maybe alot of people will not notice it at all, but those who does?! They are very lucky.


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